Course Name:  Cosmetology Instructor 1000 hour program

Course Description:  Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy is approved to offer the 1000 hour instructors program.  This program is designed for those people right out of cosmetology school with no salon experience or those that have been out of the salon for a number of years.  The program requires the student instructor to be a current licensed cosmetologist in the State of Illinois.  The purpose of educating licensed cosmetologist is to give you another alternative to the cosmetology industry.  The program is open to those that want to share their knowledge and love of the profession with others seeking the same knowledge.  This part of the profession also offers another advantage for profitable employment in the hairstyling industry.

Course Goals:  The goals of our cosmetology instructor program are to accomplish the following:

  • To educate student instructors in both the theory and practical experience needed to educate others in the cosmetology industry.
  • To prepare student instructors for successful completion of the Illinois State Board Examination.  This exam currently consists of 120 multiple choice questions.  The exam is given at any designated testing location approved by Continental Testing Service.
  • To develop good ethical work habits and effective communication skills with students, clients, and employers.

Course Format:  The following instructional techniques and methods are used to assist you in your learning activities at Professional’s Choice.

  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Practical Experience & Demonstration
  • Observation
  • Onsite Student Teaching
  • Application of Teaching Methods
  • Written & Practical Evaluation

Grading Procedures & Required Levels of Achievement: 
Classroom (Theory) - Student Instructor:  An examination will be given to each student instructor immediately following each course of study.  Each student instructor must achieve an 85% average or higher to be in compliance and mastery of the subject

100-94 A Excellent 5 Points
93-87 B Good 4 Points
86-80 C Satisfactory 3 Points
79-75 D Unsatisfactory 2 Points
74-0 F Failing 1 Point
  I  Incomplete  0 Points

Clinic & Practical Activity Evaluation- Student Instructor:  Clinical and practical activities, for example teaching class, will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis based on the activities scheduled for that day.  A monthly evaluation will be made on these activities to observe progress in each area.  Attitude, appearance, teacher/student and teacher/client relations will be evaluated.  In addition, daily assignment will be scheduled, such as lesson plans.  The following general evaluation scale will be used:

A Excellent 5 Points
B Good 4 Points
C Satisfactory 3 Points
D Unsatisfactory 2 Points
F Failing 1 Point
I  Incomplete  0 Points

Content of Units of Instruction:  The following  subjects are taught during  your 1000 hours of training:

  • Post-Graduate School Training-500 hours :  All subjects in the basic cosmetology curriculum including theory and practical.  Also, presentation of material must include the concepts which are intended to be taught and the skills to be achieved during the various phases of basic education.
  • Educational Psychology- 20 hours:  Educational psychology shall include but is not limited to topics in educational objectives, student characteristics and development, the learning process, and an evaluation of learning which relates to teaching.  These hours shall be waived on behalf of the cosmetology student instructor who has completed a course in Educational Psychology at an accredited college or university.
  • Teaching Methods (Theory)- 20 hours:  Teaching methods shall include but are not limited to topics in individual differences in learning, lesson planning, lesson delivery, assessment of learning performance, classroom management, student motivation, and classroom climate.  These hours may be waived on behalf of the student instructor who has completed a course in teaching methods (secondary level) at an accredited college or university.
  • Application of Teaching Methods- 150 hours:  Application of teaching methods include preparation and organization of subject matter to be on a unit by unit basis, presentation of subject matter through application of varied methods (lecture, demonstration, testing, and assessments).   Presentations must provide teaching objectives to be accomplished and correlated theoretical with practical application.
  • Business Methods-50 hours:  Business methods include inventory, record keeping, interviewing, and supplies.
  • Student Teaching-260 hours:  Student teaching is done under the onsite supervision of an Illinois Licensed Instructor.  The student instructor shall present theoretical and practical demonstration to students following the basic curriculum.

Attendance:  All student instructors are expected to attend classes and to be involved in the learning process.  All are expected to attend classes on the days and times agreed upon and stated in your enrollment agreement or student teachers contract.  Student instructors are expected to be prepared everyday with all the required supplies and textbooks.

Textbooks:  As of the update of this course outline, Professional’s Choice is currently using the following textbooks:

  • Milady’s Master Educator Student Course Book, Letha Barnes, 2001
  • Milady’s Master Educator Exam Book, Letha Barnes, 2001

Diplomas, Certificates, & Awards:  Upon completion of the cosmetology instructors program, you will be qualified to receive your Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy Diploma.

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